Letter 381c

381c. Count Friedrich Karl von Thürheim to Schelling in Würzburg: Bamberg, 7 November 1803 [*]

Bamberg, 7 November 1803

I hasten to inform your esteemed Sir that I just received the rescript according to which the future organization of the university has been fixed; it also stipulates that the university is to remain in Würzburg. [1]

Had the sheer number of tasks that arrived with the same courier not rendered it completely impossible, I would have delivered the news to you myself. In the meantime, I must confess that it is my most ardent wish to hear your opinion on several issues concerning the internal organization, form, etc., concerning which my own opinion has been solicited. If it be not too much trouble for you to come here quickly accompanied by my good Hoven (with full reimbursements of expenses), you would make me extraordinarily happy, though I hardly dare to request this of you. [2]

Commend me to my friend and be assured of my unlimited respect.



[*] Sources: Plitt 2:6; Fuhrmans 3:26. — Schelling and Caroline had been in Würzburg since the beginning of November after their extensive journey around Bavaria (Historical Map of Central Europe about 1786 (1926), from William Shepherd, Historical Atlas [1926]):



[1] In her letter to Luise Gotter on 4 January 1804 (letter 382), Caroline relates that upon arriving in Würzburg in early November 1803, she and Schelling had found that the apartment into which they had anticipated moving “had not yet been vacated or prepared because for several weeks they were still uncertain whether the whole university might be transferred to Bamberg.” Back.

[2] Friedrich von Hoven was a former classmate of Friedrich Karl von Thürheim. In the previously mentioned letter to Luise Gotter (letter 382), Caroline remarks that “during the first two weeks, Schelling was twice summoned to Bamberg to our rector, Count von Thürheim, though my own health prevented me from accompanying him there” (Neueste Post. Karte von Deutschland und den angrenzenden Laendern [Vienna 1805]):



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