Caroline Schelling


Briefe aus der Frühromantik

Letters from Early Romanticism
Annotated English Translation
Electronic Edition

“Caroline Schelling ranks first among all the literary women of the time; her graceful, chatty letters are full of good sense and imagination, of refined malice and charming raillery, and their clear yet thoughtful descriptions, their charming language, and their hidden poetry raise them to the level of true works of art.” – Wilhelm Scherer“She is not merely a master, but genuinely a genius in letter writing; her letters are completely herself, always just as light and graceful and, should the moment or subject matter so dictate, also just as substantial and profound.” – Kuno Fischer“One of the greatest epistolary geniuses Germany has produced.” – Wilhelm Scherer“The fool! In her position she would be better advised to learn how to prepare a good soup and do laundry properly.” – Henriette von Hoven

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