Letter 380f

380f. Schelling to Therese Huber in Stuttgart: Murrhardt, 18 August 1803 [*]

Murrhardt, 18 August 1803

The jest with the prescription almost turned serious. [1] Caroline could doubtless use one just now, albeit not with the kind of fixed stimulants of the sort you understood from my note; they need to be of the volatile sort, just like the inspiration of your own wit, for as a matter of fact she does indeed have a fever just now and thus cannot write herself. I myself am so hindered by it that I can write that you come, come, come. The horses will be given the best accommodations and care. Moreover you will also find money here, namely, what Caroline owes you. [2]

If, as we do not doubt, you would like to drink tea here during your visit, Caroline urgently requests that you measure out 1/4 or 1/2 pound and bring it along.

I will have to thank you in person for all the delightful and kind things you write about your children, about your elderly, venerable father, whose inquiry concerning me was quite gratifying, [3] and especially about yourself, since I must hasten to close this letter and commend myself to you for today.


I am hoping Caroline will be feeling better tomorrow. [4]


[*] Source: Fuhrmans 1:285–86. Back.

[1] Uncertain allusion. Back.

[2] Another uncertain allusion; concerning Therese’s visit to Murrhardt, see below. Back.

[3] See Therese’s comments about Schelling to her father, Christian Gottlob Heyne, in her letter of 16 August 1803 (letter 380e). Back.

[4] Therese and Ludwig Ferdinand Huber visited the Schelling family in Murrhardt sometime between 18 (the date of this letter) and 28 August 1803, when Schelling and Caroline departed for Stuttgart.

On 3 September 1803, the day they departed Stuttgart for Tübingen, Therese recounts to her daughter Therese in Switzerland not only the visit to Murrhardt, but also a meeting between Schelling, Caroline, Therese herself, and Meta Liebeskind in Stuttgart between 28 August and 3 September 1803. Back.

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