Letter 374d

374d. Schelling to Wilhelm Schlegel in Berlin: Jena, 21 January 1803 [*]

Jena, 21 January 1803

. . . A week ago Caroline received the settlement from Weimar regarding non-appearance, as no doubt you yourself also did, such that now this has been completely avoided. [1]


[*] Sources: Plitt 446–47, here 447; Fuhrmans 2:483–84, here 484. Back.

[1] That is, Wilhelm and Caroline had now avoided the requirement of having to appear before the consistory with regard to the divorce petition as stipulated in Johann Gottfried Herder’s summons to Wilhelm on 14 December 1802 (letter 373b) (Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki, Scheidung [“divorce”] [1788], Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Museums./Signatur DChodowiecki AB 3.775):


Being granted this excuse was an enormous relief for both Wilhelm and Caroline. Unfortunately, this issue soon raises its head yet again. Back.

Translation © 2016 Doug Stott