Letter 373c

373c. Schelling to Goethe in Weimar: Jena, 28 December 1802 [*]

Jena, 28 December 1802

A depèche [1] has in the meantime arrived here in the Schlegel matter, dated the 14th of this month, summoning both parties to appear before the consistory on 1 February of next year. [2] Since this must also be sent to Schlegel, and since there is not a moment to lose in that regard, perhaps you, esteemed Herr Geheimer Rath, might add to your otherwise favorable disposition in this matter some words that I might know exactly what action the two parties must now take in the matter. I am not really able to abstract such from what you related to me in person, [3] and thus must ask that you excuse my taking such liberty with this request. . . .



[*] Sources: Goethe und die Romantik 229; Fuhrmans 2:476. Back.

[1] Fr., here: “dispatch.” Back.

[2] Strictly speaking, the missive from Johann Gottfried Herder to Wilhelm Schlegel on 14 December 1802 (letter 373b) summoned only Wilhelm to appear before the consistory. Schelling is in any case writing two weeks later than Herder’s letter on 14 December and seems to have immediately sought Goethe’s advice. See Herder’s letter to Wilhelm on 14 December (letter 373b), note 1. Back.

[3] On 26 December 1802 in Weimar, at dinner with Schiller, Schelling, and Baron von Podmanitzky). See Caroline’s letter to Julie Gotter on 29 November 1802 (letter 373), note 7. Back.

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