Letter 368c

368c. Schelling to Wilhelm Schlegel in Berlin: Jena, 6 August 1802 [*]

Jena, 6 August 1802

You cannot imagine how the last postal day I regretted no longer being able to reverse the assignation. In the meantime, however, although everything possible has been done to annul its efficacy, Paulsen would not be persuaded to withdraw it entirely. He did, however, issue the enclosed note extending the due date for 3 weeks if you like.

I think I related to you in my last letter the reasons that prompted me to take this measure. Let me ask again for your pardon if this matter has caused you even a moment’s inconvenience.

Should you in the meantime have already resolved to send the remaining sum here within 3 weeks, might I ask that you be so kind as to take the most expedient opportunity with the specified portion, since it would be wholly regrettable for us to have caused Paulsen the unpleasant situation of having the transfer returned.

Might I also take the liberty of asking for a specification concerning the expense for the liqueurs. 2 of them were for Hegel, which is why I need to know the exact price. [1]

I am greatly looking forward to hearing something from you in writing.



[*] Source: Fuhrmans 1:258–59.

In his previous letter to Wilhelm on 30 July 1802 (letter 368b), Schelling had alerted him to the issuance of an assignation for monies Wilhelm stilled owed him and Caroline. Caroline has similarly been discussing these financial matters over the past months. See notes 1 and 3 there, also with cross references. Back.

[1] Caroline had similarly covered payment on Hegel’s behalf for some wine. See her letter to the Ramann Brothers Wine Distributors in Erfurt on 18 July 1802 (letter 368a). Back.

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