Letter 360

• 360. Caroline to Wilhelm Schlegel in Berlin: Berlin, 18 May 1802 [*]

[Berlin, Tuesday, 18 May 1802]

I admittedly do not have time just now to correct the various deceptions and interpretations assembled together in the letter I just received from you, [1] all of which in my opinion are more or less to be understood the same as the mention of the transfer of 6 Carolin that I believe I exchanged for one for 9 louis d’or from my brother to Hufeland. [2]

For now nothing more is needed than the specifics concerning the departure, for which I will be at the ready at any time tomorrow. [3]

As far as Schelling is concerned, the best thing is probably to go ahead and consult him personally, this morning if such still be possible. [4] Should looking for the individual paper prove too laborious, [5] I would then very much like to receive all the letters that have been kept from this past winter so that my friend, who was told of such, might examine them and see the extent to which and with what lack of affectation I insisted on taking the trip. [6]


[*] Concerning the redating of this letter, which Erich Schmidt, (1913), 330, dates to “May 1802), see the editorial note to Wilhelm’s letter to Caroline on 17 May 1802 (letter 359), which also provides the broader timeline to Caroline’s departure from Berlin.

This present letter, including Caroline’s reference to an assignation of 6 Carolin, is a response to Wilhelm’s letter. Back.

[1] Erich Schmidt did not include in his edition the text from this point to the sentence beginning “For now nothing more etc.” The omitted text reads as follows in the manuscript (Digitale Edition der Korrespondenz August Wilhelm Schlegels; line breaks as in original; transcription by the translator):

sie verhalten sich meinem Bedünken nach ungefähr alle
so wie die Erwähnung der Anweisung auf 6 Carolin
die ich gegen eine auf 9 louisd’or von meinem
Bruder an Hufel. ausgestellte vertauscht zu haben glaube. Back.

[2] An otherwise unresolved financial matter between Philipp Michaelis and Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland that has been mentioned at various times previously in this correspondence. Back.

[3] Wilhelm, Caroline, Schelling, and Rose departed Berlin for Leipzig on Wednesday, 19 May 1802 Post Karte Durch ganz Deutschland, ed. J. Walch [Augsburg 1795]):



[4] The question was whether Schelling would be sharing the same carriage with them to Leipzig; he did. Back.

[5] Caroline had requested an otherwise unspecified document in her letter to Wilhelm on 17 May 1802 (letter 358); he had responded on the same day (letter 359) that he would see to it on Tuesday, 18 May 1802. Back.

[6] At issue are Wilhelm’s “hints” to Caroline over the past winter that she not make the trip to Berlin. See Caroline’s letter to Wilhelm on 18 March 1802 (letter 356) and his letter to her on 17 May 1802 (letter 359). Back.

Translation © 2016 Doug Stott