Letter 329a

329a. Wilhelm Schlegel to Friedrich Schlegel in Jena: Jena, 14 September 1801 [*]

Jena, 14 September 1801

That you find it fitting to answer Caroline’s letter to you cannot possibly be a valid reason for refusing to return it to her after having had it for over six months without doing so even after I myself demanded it several months ago — moreover, without your even having mentioned this intention. I would not have let it go thus had I not considered it merely an accidental oversight, and must thus now insist anew that you return it without delay.

Jena, 14 September 1801



[*] Sources: Waitz, (1871), 2:135fn1 (frag.); Walzel, 487; KFSA 25:290.

Here and in the flurry of the next three letters (329a–d), at issue is the epistolary affair involving Caroline’s unanswered letter to Friedrich of presumably January 1801.

Concerning its background, see her letter to Schelling of January/February 1801 (letter 285), note 4 (with cross references), and Caroline’s letter to Wilhelm on 11 May 1801 (letter 315), in which she mentions the letter directly.

In this present letter, Wilhelm refers back to Friedrich’s letter to him on 18 May 1801 (letter 317a); see esp. the editorial note there. Back.

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