Letter 269

• 269. Rescript of the Hannoverian University Board of Trustees. To the Prorector, Consistory Councilor Planck, and Hofrath Meiners in Göttingen: Hannover, Hannover, 26 September 1800 [*]

|3| First our cordial greetings, Venerable and Most Erudite, also Honorable and Most Erudite, in particular most favorably disposed good friend, also favorably disposed good friend! We hear from various sources that Professor August Wilhelm Schlegel from Jena together with his wife, the former widow Böhmer, née Michaelis, will soon be arriving there.

Insofar as according to the written enclosure, as already deigned on 16 August 1794, [1] the presently married Madam Schlegel is not to be permitted any period of stay there, so should your most honorable persons disclose to her relatives and, if necessary, to her herself, that, should said wife of Professor Schlegel intend to linger there longer than a few days while passing through, she is to remove herself from Göttingen. [2]

This order, however, affects Madam Schlegel alone, whereas her husband is to be granted permission to stay just as are other scholars. Should, however, the brother of said professor, namely, the disreputable Friedrich Schlegel, author of writings ruinous to public morals, arrive in order to spend time there himself, so also is said person similarly to be denied such and is instead to be informed that he is to quit Göttingen forthwith. [3]

|4| We remain both keen and indeed inclined in matters of the most cordial service both to Herr Prorector and to your honorable persons.

Hannover, 26 September 1800.
Privy councilors appointed by the Royal Government of Great Britain of the Braunschweig-Lüneburg Prince Electorate

Count Kielmansegge


[*] Concerning the inheritance issues that brought Caroline to Göttingen prior to 15 October 1800 (when this rescript was issued, she was still in Bamberg), see her letter to Luise Gotter from Bamberg on 18 September 1800 (letter 268); the reference in this rescript is to Caroline’s anticipated journey from Bamberg to Braunschweig by way of Göttingen note 1 (Post Karte Durch ganz Deutschland, ed. J. Walch [Augsburg 1795]):



[1] See the Rescript of the Hannoverian University Board of Trustees to Prorector Hofrath Feder in Göttingen on 16 August 1794 (letter/document 146). Back.

[2] Since Caroline’s mother was currently living in Braunschweig with her sister, Luise Wiedemann, reference to her relatives in Göttingen essentially means the family of the now deceased Georg Ludwig Böhmer, i.e., her in-laws. Back.

[3] The reference, of course, is to Friedrich Schlegel as author of Lucinde. Back.

Translation © 2014 Doug Stott