Letter 370a

370a. Schelling to Goethe in Weimar: Jena, 2 October 1802 [*]

Jena, 2 October 1802

. . . I am also enclosing the draft of a petition to His Excellency with respect to the matter in question, since you have been so good as to allow it to be sent to you beforehand. [1] Should anything need improvement or necessitate changes, please be so kind as to let me know your suggestions as soon as possible.

I know not whether I can come over to Weimar next week, and those involved do in any case wish the matter to be expedited. [2] As far as the other suggestion is concerned, I do not really doubt it being acceptable to both parties. [3] . . .


[*] Sources: Goethe und die Romantik 225–26; Fuhrmans 2:444–45, here 445. Back.

[1] A draft of the petition seeking the granting of the divorce between Caroline and Wilhelm Schlegel (letter/document 371). Back.

[2] It was not; it was instead drawn out until May 1803. Back.

[3] Viz., the suggestion that a member of the Weimar consistory be bribed to grant a dispensation to both parties from having to appear in person before the consistory. See Schelling’s letter to Wilhelm on 24 September 1802 (letter 369j), esp. also with note 19. Back.

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