Letter 369g

369g. Goethe to Schelling in Jena: Weimar, 18 September 1802 [*]

[Weimar, 18 September 1802]

Many thanks for the enclosed material concerning the Menaechmi. [1] I wish the translation as a whole might be suitable for the theater. On the few pages I was able to read through at the beginning, however, the language within the verse does not really seem adroit or clear enough; but perhaps that will improve with the remaining parts of the piece, after which the beginning could then be reworked.

Regarding the matter in question, [2] I would admittedly like to speak with you. Could you perhaps come over next Wednesday? [3] You would then in any event be invited to my modest family meal even if I myself, which sometimes happens, might by chance not be dining at home.

Hoping to see you soon; stay very well.

Weimar, 18 September 1802


[*] Sources: Plitt 1:399; Goethe und die Romantik 1:224; Fuhrmans 2:438. Here Goethe responds to Wilhelm’s letter to him on 17 September 1802 (letter 369f). Back.

[1] The reference is to Caroline’s incipient translation of the Shakespeare play The Comedy of Errors. See Schelling’s letter to Goethe on 17 September 1802 (letter 369f), note 1. Back.

[2] Caroline and Wilhelm Schlegel’s divorce; see Schelling’s letter to Goethe on 17 September 1802 (letter 369f), note 4. Back.

[3] The following Wednesday was 22 September 1802; although Goethe does not record Schelling’s visit in his diary, Schelling mentions it to Wilhelm Schlegel in his letter to him on 24 September 1802 (letter 369i). Back.

Translation © 2016 Doug Stott