Letter 355a

355a. Friedrich Schlegel to Schleiermacher in Berlin: Dresden, 18 March 1802 [*]

Dresden, 18 March 1802

. . . Karoline is among you now. [1] What can she possibly have in mind there? — Presumably first to show herself in Berlin with her husband, and then even to make an appearance in Paris with her husband, have him take her there. [2] What sort of faces will she cut toward you? [3] — She is certainly capable of considerable effronterie! [4] . . .


[*] Sources: Aus Schleiermacher’s Leben 308–9 (frag.; this passage not included); KGA V/5 353; KFSA 25:340. Back.

[1] Friedrich, writing from Dresden to Schleiermacher in Berlin, was not aware of Caroline’s changing travel plans (Post Karte Durch ganz Deutschland, ed. J. Walch [Augsburg 1795]):


To wit, Caroline was still in Jena on 18 March 1802 (see her letter to Wilhelm on that date [letter 356]), but would soon depart for Berlin, followed by Schelling in late April or early May. They departed Berlin together on the return journey to Jena on 19 May and arrived on 24 May. Back.

[2] Rather than making an allusion to definite plans, Friedrich seems instead merely to be insinuating that Caroline was engaging in a certain degree of snobbery. Back.

[3] Caroline and Schleiermacher had never met in person. Back.

[4] Fr., “effrontery, impudence, shamelessness.” — It may be noted that neither Friedrich nor Dorothea Veit ever saw Caroline again. Back.

Translation © 2016 Doug Stott