Letter 341b

341b. Dorothea Veit to the Raman Brothers in Erfurt: Jena, 19 January 1802 [*]

[Jena, 19 January 1802]

Insofar as Doctor Schlegel is away on business and has in his absence charged me with attending his affairs here, I have the honor of confirming the reception of your letter of 17 January. [1] I immediately forwarded same to Herr Dr. Schlegel, and he will doubtless quickly either direct me to settle your request or remit the money to you himself, so that you should without fail receive it in 14 days, or at the latest in 3 weeks. You can quite rely on receiving it in that period. [2]

Your devoted servant
D. Veit, née Mendelsohn

Jena, 19 January 1802


[*] Sources: Briefe von und an Friedrich und Dorothea Schlegel, ed. Josef Körner (Berlin 1926), 37; KFSA 25:323–24. — The Raman brothers were wine merchants in Erfurt. See Caroline’s letter to Wilhelm on 18 May 1801 (letter 317), note 40. Back.

[1] Back on 24 November 1801, i.e., shortly before he left for Berlin, Friedrich had asked the wine merchants for extra time in paying the invoice (KFSA 25:309 [no. 205]) (illustrations: [1] Caspar Luyken, October [ca. 1698–1702]; Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum; Museums./Signatur CLuyken AB 3.19; [2] Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki, Vive le vin, vive l’Amour [1774]; Herzog August Bibliothek; Museums./Signatur Uh 4° 47 [303]):

Esteemed Sirs, my most respectful thanks for the 1/4 kilderkin [kilderkin: 16- to 18-gallon cask] of red wine, though I must yet ask for your patience for a time with respect to the remittance.


Caroline remarks in letters to Wilhelm that she had been receiving invoices from wine merchants delivered to Wilhelm but intended for Friedrich. See her letter to Wilhelm on 22 February (letter 348); in her letter to him on 8 March 1802 (letter 352), she remarks: “What a colossal amount he must have drunk.”



[2] It is not known whether or when Friedrich paid the invoice (KFSA 25:649). In any event, Friedrich’s financial waywardness continued to dog him essentially for the rest of his life and contribute not inconsiderably to straining his relationship with Wilhelm. Back.

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