Letter 334a

• 334a. Caroline to Goethe in Weimar: Jena, 3 December 1801

Jena, 3 December [18]01 [*]

I am taking the liberty of sending you these several copies of Shakespeare with the request that you give two copies to the duke and Geheimerath Voigt in Schlegel’s name. Two others are for the Prince of Rudolstadt and Herr Hofrath Schiller, the latter of whom I hope will be so kind as to pass the copy along to the prince.

Caroline Schlegel


[*] Caroline is presumably referring here to the most recent volume of her and Wilhelm’s edition of Shakespeare, namely, volume 8, König Heinrich der Sechste: Zweyter Theil, König Heinrich der Sechste: Dritter Theil (the Second Part of King Henry VI and the Third Part of King Henry VI), which had appeared at the Michaelmas book fair in 1801:



Translation © 2016 Doug Stott