Letter 275b

275b. Schleiermacher to Wilhelm Schlegel in Braunschweig: Berlin, 25 November 1800 [*]

Berlin, 25 November 1800

The good residents of Jena [1] provided me with false news to the effect that you would very soon be there yourself, seducing me not only no longer to write you in Braunschweig, but also to send Schadow’s projected drawing there as well, for which there happened to be a convenient occasion to do so. [2] I do hope you have already received the latter from there.

The urn and pedestal, I must confess, do not please me at all, though it does provide a basis from which you can now present your counter suggestions. The silly suggestion at the end of the note about stucco manufacture makes it seem as if Schadow were not particularly interested, though in person I must say I got a different impression. It would be best if you yourself were to write him that he may see how serious you are. [3] . . .


[*] Sources: Josefa Elstner and Erich Klingner, “Briefe Friedrich Schleiermachers an August Wilhelm Schlegel,” Euphorion 21 (1914) 584–98, 736–73, here 761–62; KGA V/4 339–40.

This letter is a response to Wilhelm’s letter to Schleiermacher on 24 November 1800 (letter 275a) concerning negotiations with Johann Gottfried Schadow in Berlin about designs for a memorial for Auguste. See the editorial note there for cross references concerning this memorial. This issue is discussed in coming letters as well. Back.

[1] Friedrich Schlegel and Dorothea Veit. Back.

[2] Wilhelm’s plans do not seem to have been entirely settled at this point. See Caroline’s letter from Braunschweig to Luise Gotter on 24 November 1800 (letter 275), note 9. He would eventually journey to Berlin in late February 1801, not returning to Jena until August 1801, and then only for a few months (Rudolf Koch and Fritz Kredel, Deutschland und angrenzende Gebiete [Leipzig 1937]):

Braunschweig_Berlin_Jena_ map


[3] Schadow would not participate in any part of the eventual memorial. Back.

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