Letter 350

• 350. Caroline to Wilhelm Schlegel in Berlin: Jena, 3 March 1802 [*]

[Jena] Wednesday morning [3 March 1802]

I want to give Zelter just these final words for you to take along with him. [1] He thinks he will be arriving in Berlin on Tuesday afternoon, whereas I am still planning on Wednesday evening even though, given these road conditions, one cannot really foresee all eventualities; [2] hence you should not count too much on expecting me at a specific time.

By the way, I will be traveling by way of Halle after all because the driver has really expressed his desire to take that route. [3]

Were I but already there; although I am beginning to feel all sorts of great anxiety, I have resolved to do it, and now it no longer bothers me at all. Adieu, my good friend, till tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. May God bless you and protect me.


[*] Caroline had anticipated (albeit traveling by way of Leipzig) arriving in Leipzig on Sunday, 7 March 1802, departing Leipzig on Monday, 8 March 1802, and arriving in Berlin not before Wednesday evening, 10 March 1802.

Her remark at the end of this present letter, “till tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” likely refers to departure on Thursday or Friday, 5/6 March 1802. It is difficult to determine an exact timeline for her departure from Jena and arrival in Berlin given the various postponements and delays even yet to come. Back.

[1] Caroline had considered Karl Friedrich Zelter as a potential traveling companion to Berlin; she and Zelter had had tea together in Jena on 1 March 1802. See her letter to Wilhelm on that date (letter 349). Back.

[2] As noted above, in her letter to Wilhelm on 1 March 1802 (letter 349), Caroline had anticipated leaving Jena in time to arrive in Berlin on Wednesday evening, 10 March 1802. See note 4 there for her anticipated timeline. Back.

[3] I.e., by way of Halle instead of Leipzig, as was Zelter’s plan (Post Karte Durch ganz Deutschland, ed. J. Walch [Augsburg 1795]):



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