Letter 308

• 308. Caroline to Schelling in Jena: Harburg, 16 April 1801

Haarburg, 16 April [1801]

|99| Although I am leaving here at the same time as this letter, I have figured out that I will be arriving too late in Braunschweig to send you any news that would arrive earlier than I myself will. [1] So here my last missive, God willing.

As closely as such things can be determined, I will probably be in Jena before the evening of the 24th — but restrain your expectations, my dearest friend. Stay quiet until I have you summoned, if such be at all possible for you. I am asking God himself for the patience I will need for this coming week and a journey of 43 miles. [2]

Everything still looks good, but all sorts of things can still occur in Braunschweig in the way of delays, since we have a child with us. I am moving forward with trembling haste. —

Schlegel himself is pushing me. You know that Tiek is coming. If I am there, he will stay at my house; if he does not find me there, Friedrich has issued him an urgent invitation, and Schlegel seems to prefer that I be the one he meets upon arrival there. [3] If he is indeed there, then please hold him back at least until I arrive; seriously, do hold him back.

And |100| by the way, you may feel free to speak quite openly with him. What you have to say especially concerning Madam Veit will probably fall on willing, believing ears. [4] Break through your brittle shell and just be yourself. Be completely yourself and completely focused on yourself when soon, very soon now, I myself will press you to my heart.


[1] I.e., earlier than she herself would arrive in Jena. Back.

[2] I.e., 43 German miles, approx. 325 km. It was indeed a lengthy journey ([1] Post Karte Durch ganz Deutschland, ed. J. Walch [Augsburg 1795]; [2] Dilligence [19th century]; Bibliothèque municipale de Bordeaux, Album d’illustrations diverses] [278]):




[3] Concerning the contentious issue of where Ludwig Tieck was to stay in Jena, see Caroline’s letter to Wilhelm on 26–27 March 1801 (letter 303), note 12. See esp. also Friedrich’s letter to Wilhelm on 6 April 1801 (letter 304a). Back.

[4] See, however, Tieck’s letter to his sister, Sophie Bernhardi, and brother-in-law, August Ferdinand Bernhardi, on 6 December 1799 (letter 257c). Back.

Translation © 2015 Doug Stott