Letter 257e

• 257e. Caroline Tischbein to Auguste Böhmer in Jena: Dessau, 16 December 1799 [*]

|756| You wrote that “Schelling is ever so good, and so much more charming, [1] even gentle, I really do like him.” Well, well, my dear girl, that does not displease me at all. Even his brother now finds mercy at your feet, for “he has beautiful brown eyes.” [2]


[*] Source: Erich Schmidt, (1913), 756. — See the editorial note to Caroline Tischbein’s letter to Auguste on 2 December 1799 (letter 257b) for the background to this letter. Back.

[1] I.e., presumably more charming than before Auguste had left Jena for Dessau in mid-September 1799. See Caroline Tischbein’s letter to Auguste on 2 December 1799 (letter 257b), note 3. Back.

[2] Karl Schelling had arrived in Jena on 20 October 1799 — during Auguste’s absence — and begun his study of medicine there during the winter semester 1799–1800, matriculating on 4 November 1799. Caroline mentions him in a letter to Auguste on 28 October 1799 (letter 252), remarking that he was “big and strong and speaks with a thick and broad Swabian accent,” after quipping on 27 (?) October (letter 251) that he was “a real bear”; hence Auguste may well have been somewhat apprehensive about meeting him.

See also Schelling’s report to his parents concerning Karl’s initial six months in Jena in a letter to them on 2 March 1800, cited in letter 250, note 15. See also Schelling’s earlier letter to his parents, anticipating Karl’s arrival, on 29 December 1798 (letter 213a). Back.

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