Letter 257b

• 257b. Caroline Tischbein to Auguste Böhmer in Jena: Dessau, 2 December 1799 [*]

|756| So, Madam Veith pleases you? You already love her ardently? [1] Schelling was quite gentlemanly? And Fritz still unchanged? [2] Well, all this pleases me . . .

But just look at the grumbler! Makes herself rare. Acts cold toward Schelling — who is so kind as to wish you might view him as a friend. But you have already come to regret it? and are now behaving more nicely toward him? [3]

Ah, so, the poor little goose blushes when someone asks her something, and knows not even why herself!


[*] Erich Schmidt, (1913), 1:756. — Auguste had spent much of the autumn in Dessau with the Tischbein family, from mid-September to 26 November 1800 (Dessau in an engraving by Matthäus Merian; map: Rudolf Koch and Fritz Kredel, Deutschland und angrenzende Gebiete [Leipzig 1937]):




[1] Dorothea Veit had arrived with her six-year-old son, Philipp Veit, on 6 October 1800, i.e., while Auguste was still in Dessau. Hence in early December, when Caroline Tischbein is writing this letter, Auguste had hardly known Dorothea and Philipp a week (Göttinger Taschen Calendar Für das Iahr 1795 and 1785; Inhaltsverzeichnis deutscher Almanache, Theodor Springmann Stiftung):



[2] Because Friedrich Schlegel had arrived in Jena from Berlin during the first week of September 1799, Auguste had a chance to visit and become reacquainted; she had known him earlier, including in Lucka in 1793–94 and in Jena in 1796–97, and had, of course, already corresponded with him. Back.

[3] Auguste seems to have had some slight falling out with Schelling prior to leaving for Dessau; see Caroline’s letter to her on 30 September 1799 (letter 245), where she suggests that Auguste had behaved like a “stubborn little half-mamsell” (or “aloof mamsell” [14 October, letter 248]) toward him. Caroline also refers to this behavior as “Lucianity.” Back.

Translation © 2014 Doug Stott