Letter 164a

164a. Karl Schlegel to Wilhelm Schlegel in Jena: Hannover, 9 July 1796 [*]

— — In the larger sense we are greatly looking forward to the travel journal. Our last news about you is from Nordheim, [1] about which Henriette wrote us. But by now you have doubtless arrived safe and sound in Jena and will have more leisure for writing. We often recall the brief but pleasant meeting in Elze during which we made the acquaintance of your dear wife, and as brief as it indeed was, I am sure it will help foster a more intimate family bond through mutual and lively interest. [2] — —


[*] Source: Waitz (1882), 33. Passages Waitz did not include are indicated by “—.” Back.

[1] Wilhelm and Caroline seem to have traveled to Jena first by way of Hildesheim and Elze (see note 2 below), then due south ca. 45 km to Northeim (Nordheim) just north of Göttingen, albeit without stopping in Göttingen itself, and then on to Jena through Gotha (see Caroline’s letter to Luise Gotter on 11 July 1796 [letter 165], who seems to have accompanied them part of the way to Jena) (Generalkarte von Europa, ed. Joseph Scheda [Vienna 1845–47]):



[2] The tiny village of Elze is located ca. 15 km west of Hildesheim, albeit not on the normal postal route. Hildesheim itself is located about 40 km southwest of Braunschweig and about 30 km south of Hannover, where Karl Schlegel was living (R. Sayer and J. Bennett, The German Dominions of the King of Great Britain Comprised Under the Name of Electorate of Brunswick Luneburg [London 1778]):


Nothing more is known about this meeting between the two families (Elze on a 1919 postcard; illustration: Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki, Ich habe Miss Beverly versprochen, Madam, dass Sie sie gütig aufnehmen würden; Herzog August Bibliothek; Museums./Signatur Chodowiecki Sammlung [5-375]; orig. in the Königl. Grosbritannischer Historischer Genealogischer Calender für 1789:




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