Letter 162c

162c. Mother (Johanna Christiane Erdmuthe) Schlegel to Wilhelm Schlegel in Braunschweig: Hannover, 18 March 1796 [*]

[Hannover] 18 March [1796]

— — To return to Eschenburg once more: have you yourself not noticed how he views your contact with Madam Böhmer? I can well imagine that the Gärtners and Cruses are not in favor of it. [1] — —


[*] Source: Waitz (1882) 30. Passages Waitz did not include are indicated by “—.” Back.

[1] Although Karl Christian Gärtner himself died in 1791, his family was still in Braunschweig. — Concerning Caroline’s reputation at the time, see her letter to Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Meyer on 7 June 1794 (letter 145), note 13. Back.

Translation © 2011 Doug Stott