Letter 161

• 161. Wilhelm Schlegel to Auguste in Braunschweig: January 1795/96 [*]

[January 1795/96]

|378| . . . I am very fond of you, Gustel, because you are such a good child. Assure me that when your mother is sad, |379| you will keep her company and try to make her happy. For you see, very few children have as dear a mother as yours.

Stay well, good girl, and now and then please do think of your friend, [1]



[*] Concerning dating, see introductory note to letter 160. Dating for this particular letter (January 1796) according to A. W. Schlegel Briefkasten: Institut für Textkritik Heidelberg. Schmidt (1913), 1:378, does not date the letter but does follows Waitz’s general positioning. Back.

[1] Goettinger Taschen Calender für das Jahr 1791; Inhaltsverzeichnis deutscher Almanache, Theodor Springmann Stiftung:



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