Letter 158a

158a. Wilhelm Schlegel to Schiller in Jena: Braunschweig, 13 October 1795 [*]

Braunschweig, [13] October 1795

. . . Should the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung still need a contributor in the area of belles lettres, including its history and theory, I would be even more obliged to you than I already am if on occasion you might suggest me in that regard to the editors of the journal. [1]

My residence will presumably remain unaltered for the remainder of the winter. Although I was thinking about taking a journey during the autumn, I will probably postpone it until next spring, since for now I would like to see some of the fruits of my newly acquired leisure. [2] . . .


[*] Source: Körner-Wieneke 12–14, here 13–14. Back.

[1] Schiller responded from Jena on 29 October 1795 (Körner-Wieneke 14):

I took care of your request to Hofrath Schütz, and you can assume he was delighted to receive it. Should your work for the Literatur-Zeitung perhaps rob you of some better hours, however, I would be quite sorry indeed were this journal thus to acquire you, since the more time you can devote to our venture [Schiller’s periodical Die Horen], the more pleased will I myself be. Literary reviews that are of interest in and of themselves are also quite commensurate with our goals.

The editors of the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung responded to Wilhelm in a letter from Jena on 3 November 1795 (letter 158b). Back.

[2] Concerning Wilhelm’s trip during the spring of 1796, see Caroline’s letter to Luise Gotter during the autumn of 1795 (letter 156), note 2. The leisure to which Wilhelm is referring was the result of his having left his employment with the family of Henry Muilman in Amsterdam. Back.

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