Letter 149b

149b. Friedrich Schlegel to Wilhelm Schlegel in Amsterdam: Dresden, 28 April 1795 [*]

Dresden, 28 April 1795

Dearest brother, the joy elicited by your letter (which I related in the original [1]), was great indeed, perhaps as great as, I would hope, yours has already long been. Health has been completely restored, [2] and the beginning at the new locale [3] has been both favorable and inviting. The worries concerning the lengthy lack of news about the little one were the same. [4] But you probably already know these things better than I myself can relate them to you. . . .

Tell me whether I may hope to see you shortly after my return. — You will no doubt have a certain antipathy toward us and our area here, one we certainly deserve. [5] . . .


[*] Walzel, 214–15; KFSA 23:229. Back.

[1] To Caroline; Wilhelm was set to return to Germany from Amsterdam (W. R. Shepherd, Historical Map of Central Europe about 1786 [1926]):



[2] I.e., Caroline’s; see Friedrich’s letter to Wilhelm on 7 April 1795 (letter 148e), in which Friedrich remarks that Caroline had been suffering from “an illness whose causes seem to have been more disquiet and emotional suffering than any genuinely physical malady.” Back.

[3] In Braunschweig. Back.

[4] Friedrich (and presumably Caroline) is unaware that Julius Böhmer had died barely a week earlier, on 20 April. Back.

[5] I.e., in Dresden, whose administration had forbidden Caroline from settling there. Back.

Translation © 2011 Doug Stott