Letter 149a

149a. Mother (Johanna Christiane Erdmuthe) Schlegel to Wilhelm Schlegel in Amsterdam: Hannover, 19 April 1795 [*]

Hannover, 19 April 1795

— — My dearest Wilhelm, I recently heard that you are friends with someone [1] whose acquaintance I fear not only will not make you happy, but also may prevent you from being so at least here in Hannover, otherwise I was very hopeful in that regard, since you yourself are quite fondly remembered here. [2] — —


[*] Source: Waitz (1882), 29–30. Passages Waitz did not include are indicated by “—.” Waitz, ibid., note 2, also points out that Johanna Christiane Erdmuthe Schlegel often signed her letters to Wilhelm as “Mother Schlegel.” Back.

[1] Caroline. Back.

[2] Wilhelm was a native of Hannover, located ca. 55 km northwest of Braunschweig, where Wilhelm would eventually move after returning to Germany from Amsterdam (Rudolf Koch and Fritz Kredel, Deutschland und angrenzende Gebiete [Leipzig 1937]):


Concerning Caroline’s reputation at the time, see her letter to Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Meyer on 7 June 1794 (letter 145), note 13. Back.

Translation © 2011 Doug Stott