Letter 143c

143c. Friedrich Schlegel to Georg Joachim Göschen in Leipzig: Dresden, 3 May 1794 [*]

Dresden, 3 May [17]94

I have been charged, esteemed Herr Göschen, with conveying to you the enclosed four louis d’or, which are for Madam Böhmer, 3 1/2 louis d’or being the prepayment for the cost of the stipulated period of board. But Madam Böhmer herself has doubtless already written you herself in the matter, or will do so soon. [1] . . .


[*] Sources: Briefe von und an Friedrich und Dorothea Schlegel, ed. Josef Körner (Berlin 1926), 3; KFSA 23:192. Back.

[1] The payment was for support for Caroline’s child, Wilhelm Julius Kranz (Böhmer), whom Caroline had left behind in foster care in Lucka. Wilhelm Schlegel provided the money (see Friedrich to Wilhelm on 9 May 1794 [letter 143d]). Back.

Translation © 2011 Doug Stott