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Briefe aus der Frühromantik

Conditions of Use

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All images and lengthier citations or translations on this site are in the public domain unless otherwise noted. Provenance for all such material and, if applicable, permissions are noted. Many images (e.g., maps) have been edited for greater clarity, legibility, and ease of use; editorial changes to this end include brightness, contrast, color enhancement, and the imposition of (site-specific) consistent coloring. Should visitors find images or texts not correctly attributed or authorized, a note to this effect to the translator is kindly requested, who will take immediate steps to address the issue. (Sollten Inhalte dieser Internetangebote gegen geltendes Urheberrecht oder das Markengesetz verstoßen, werden diese auf Hinweis schnellstmöglich entfernt oder entsprechend geändert. Si le contenu de ces offres Internet contrevient au droit d’auteur en vigueur ou au droit des marques, il sera supprimé le plus rapidement possible après notification ou modifié en conséquence.)

Visitors to this site agree to abide by these conditions. In my own turn, I appreciate your using the site in the spirit of these conditions and certainly hope you enjoy becoming acquainted with Caroline and her world.